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Greatandhra: Today everyone wants to read and watch the news. For this, people install many types of news apps on mobile or watch through TV. There are many news agencies in India that provide us news in many ways.

If you want information about related news from Andhra Pradesh, then I am going to tell you about such a website from where you can read news like the latest news and breaking news, etc.


I am going to tell you about the Greatandhra news portal from where you can get the latest updated news. This news portal reaches you through the best article for you. Greatandhra’s team prepares its news very carefully, which is very useful and honest. This news portal provides politics, sports, entertainment, and tech-related news for you on its website. Greatandhra is also a news agency, which operates under a web portal.

Greatandhra Overview 

Great Andhra is a web news portal launched in the year 2002 which is rapidly growing in Andhra Pradesh and all over India in the field of political, sports, movie news updates. Its head office is located in California, USA, and this news web portal is updated from there. In a very short time, Great Andhra is becoming famous on the strength of its independent editorial team and contributors. This web news portal is successful in bringing its news to the public.

Its most important thing is that it updates the latest news every half an hour and tries to give related news from every region. The entire responsibility of GreatAndhra is over Venkat Arikatla, who is also the Chief Editor of this web portal. Venkat Arikatla handles this web portal from California, USA, and news updates on the web portal are also done from California, USA.

Greatandhra updates news in 2 languages ​​on its web portal.

  • English
  • Telugu

GreatAndhra English 

Greatandhra updates its web portal in the English language, though its focus is more for Andhra Pradesh which is in GreatAndhra Telugu. But apart from Andhra Pradesh, it also wants to expand in other countries including India, so update the news in the English language.


Great Andhra Telugu 

The main focus of Greatandhra is for the Telugu language, which is specifically for Andhra Pradesh. The Telugu language is spoken in Andhra Pradesh and the states bordering it. Great Andhra Telugu updates the news related to political, sports, movie reviews on the Telugu portal on its portal.

Great Andhra Telugu

Greatandhra Review

The most special thing about Great Andhra is that this movie reviews very well. Great Andhra Review has been praised by many media agencies and movie houses and has supported its Great Andhra Movie Review System. Greatandhra Movie Review reviews the latest movie released mostly in Telugu language and Tamil language.

Great Andhra Team

  • Chief Editor: Venkat Arikatla


  • Sreenivas (Senior Journalist from a reputed News Daily- contributes Political News and Gossips)
  • Vakkantham Chandramouli (Astrologer-contributes subjective articles and Astrological advises to readers)
  • Ganesh Ravuri (Content Head)
  • Usha Choudary (Occasional writer-contributes Special Articles on Films and Life Style)
  • MBSK Prasad (Freelance writer-contributes Telugu and English Columns on Films and Politics)
  • Nagender (Freelance journalist- contributes Telugu political items)
  • Satish Chandar (Independent editor, a trendsetting poet, and an inimitable satirist)
  • Vedula Murthy (Sr Film Journalist)

Great Andhra Important Link 


I hope you liked this article because I have told you about Greatandhra in very few words. I have written all this information by searching the internet.

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