How To Start A Food Blog & Make Money (in 2020)

How to Start a Food Blog
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Every food lover wants to start some business with his favorite food. Food business does not mean just opening a small restaurant.

I am talking that you can start a related restaurant with your favorite food, and you can teach your said food recipe, you can start a food blog.

If you also want to start a food blog and want to learn how to start a food blog. So in this post, I will guide step-by-step to start a food blog.

Why Start a Food Blog?

The food blog is a very profitable and trading niche. Every person likes some food. If you are a chef, you can write a detailed article about the recipe for trending food.

I am also recommending a food blog because you will not have trouble searching for topics for food blogs. You can easily write hundreds of articles.

But my advice is that if you really have a good knowledge of foods then only work on this niche. But if you do not know about foods, then you can start a food blog by giving an item review of any restaurant.

Foods blog is a highly profitable niche. You can earn great money by affiliate marketing and selling any of your products through the blog.

How to Start a Food Blog & Earn Money?

It is very easy to start a blog or website today. Daily thousands of blogs and websites are started. You can start a food blog in 2 ways.

  • Hire Freelancer (Web Developer)
  • Self Create

Hire Freelancer – If you do not want to create a blog yourself, then you can make your blog through a freelancer website like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. You will need some bucks to create a freelancer blog.

Try Fiverr

Self Create If the budget is very limited to create your blog, then you can easily create a great blog yourself.

If you ask me, I would advise you to create a blog yourself. Because when you create your own blog, you can easily manage the blog in the future.

Starting a blog is a very easy process. You can start a successful profitable blog by following the steps mentioned below. Let’s start.

1. Choose a Catchy Domain Name & Buy it.

Choose a Domain Name

To start a blog, it is necessary to first choose the domain name of the blog. The domain name is known as our blog name.

While choosing the domain name, keep some things in mind. The domain name should be such that it is easy to speak, easy to understand.

You can choose the domain name selection in 3 ways. All these methods are used by many people because it is an easy way to choose a blog name.

Personal Brand Name – This is an excellent option to choose a blog name. Many bloggers use this method because the personal brand name has many benefits. You can make your name a brand value through a blog.

In the method of personal brand name, you do not have much problem in searching the domain name. If your name’s domain is available, then you can make your name a domain name.

Keyword Base Domain Name – Keyword Base Domain Name is a great option to choose a search engine friendly domain name. You can choose the keyword base domain name quite easily.

The keyword base domain name website easily ranks in Google and other search engines because its name itself contains keywords according to the niche.

I am telling you some domain name as an example for a food blog, by which you can choose your domain name.


(I have given all these domain names as examples, if this domain is available, you can buy domains)

Unique Brand Name – If you want to keep your blog name completely different, then the unique brand name is a great option for you.

The unique brand name is basically called that which has no meaning, it is displayed completely differently.

The unique brand name has the advantage that your blog name will be completely different. You can easily choose your blog name because if the name is really unique then domain extension can be easily searched.

I am presenting you with an example of some websites whose names are completely unique and their names have no meaning.

  • Google
  • Nike
  • Reebok
  • Yahoo

So I hope you have chosen a domain name for your blog. So now I will guide you about buying the domain name chosen for the food blog.

Buy Domain: After selecting the domain, it is mandatory to buy from the right domain service provider. The right domain service provider is the one who provides better domain hosting, provides better domain renewal service.

I will recommend you to GoDaddy. Because GoDaddy is the Best Domain Service, Provider. With GoDaddy, you can book a .com domain for 1 year for just $ 10. Which is quite affordable.

Try GoDaddy

2. Buy Best Hosting

Buy Hosting Account

If there is anything important for any website and blog, which needs attention, then it is hosting. Hosting plays a very important role in your blog. You should always choose the best hosting for your food blog.

Best Hosting is called that which can completely manage your website. Best Hosting keeps your blog available for 24X7 visitors and improves your blog speed, space, etc.

I recommend Bluehost to you because Bluehost is the Best Hosting Provider Company. Bluehost is able to manage your blog. This keeps you available for 24×7 visitors.

Bluehost offers you hosting for $ 2.75 per month. Which is a very cheap price. With Bluehost hosting you get a .com domain free for 1 year.

Try Bluehost

3. Install WordPress (CMS)

Install WordPress

After purchasing the domain and hosting, you have to install a content management system (CMS) application Cpanel. WordPress is the best CMS application that helps you manage your blog easily.

With WordPress, you can design a professional blog/website without coding knowledge.

The WordPress CMS application is completely free, for which you do not have to pay any money.

Try WordPress

4. Install Best Food Blog WordPress Theme

Best WordPress Theme

The best theme design for better blog design. The best WordPress theme is that it can give a better interface to your blog and make your blog search engine friendly.

Best Theme Increases your blog speed and helps in providing better design.
Free and paid themes of WordPress are available for Food Blog. Due to the limitation of free themes, you can create a basic blog, you can create a professional blog through paid themes.

I will list you the list of best free and paid themes so that you can download this free theme and buy paid themes.

Best Free WordPress Theme for Food Blog

Best Paid WordPress Theme for Food Blog

5. Install Important Plugins.

Best WordPress Plugins

After installing the theme successfully you will need to install some important WordPress plugins. Plugins help to add different types of sections of our blog.

For a food blog, you will need free and paid plugins. You can easily download free plugins from WordPress and you can buy paid themes.

I am going to tell you about all the WordPress plugins that are important for your blog.

Best WordPress Plugins For Food Blog

Yoast SEO – Yoast SEO is a powerful SEO plugin, it is very popular and most used SEO plugin. Yoast SEO helps in optimizing your article on-page SEO easily. This plugin guides you to optimize on-page SEO according to your targeted keywords.

Try Yoast SEO

Contact Form 7 – Through the Contact Form 7 plugin, your visitors can contact you via email. After installing the plugin, you can provide the facility to contact the visitor by pasting the contact page through the shortcode.

Try Contact 7

ShortPixel – ShortPixel is a very image optimization powerful plugin. This reduces the size by optimizing the high-size image uploaded to your blog. Due to the reduced image size, your blog becomes very fast, which is better for SEO.

Try ShortPixel

WP-Rocket – Search engines and visitors always like fast loading websites. WP-Rocket Plugin compresses your blog’s CSS, JavaScripts, etc. which increase blog speed.

Try Wp-Rocket

Google XML Sitemap – Google XML Sitemap is a better plugin for submitting a blog sitemap to search engines. This plugin is completely free and you can download it from the WordPress website.

Try Google Sitemap

Elementor Pro – This is a very powerful and famous editor plugin. You can easily create a premium template with Elementor. In the paid Elementor plugin, you get many free templates from which you can easily design homepage, header, footer, etc.

Try Elementor Pro

6. Keyword Research

Keyword Research

To start a profitable blog, it is most important that you have targeted a profitable keyword. The most important thing for a successful blog is to do keyword research properly.

Doing profitable keyword research is an art, you have to understand which keyword will be profitable for the article you want to write.

You should always target low competition keywords for a new blog. But it must be noted that with low competition, there is a good traffic keyword.

For keyword research, I would recommend you to use 3 keyword research tools. I use all these keyword research tools myself. Out of these, 1 tool is free and 2 tools are paid.

SEMRUSH Semrush is a very powerful keyword research tool. It easily tells about the traffic and CPC of the keywords you search and many keywords related to it.

Through this tool, you can spy on your computer’s website and get an idea of keywords.

SEMRUSH You can use a free trial for 7 days.

Try Semrush

Keyword revealer – A keyword revealer tool is a powerful tool for searching keyword competition. This tool gives a detailed matrix of the keywords you search for.

This is my favorite keyword research tool, it calculates the competition for the above keywords based on Average DA, Average Text Length, Average Backlink.

This tool is available in both free and paid versions. You can use this tool by clicking on the Try button below.

Try Keyword Revealer

Google Keyword Planner – GKP is Google’s free keyword research tool. Through this tool, you can find out the traffic volume of any keyword according to the data searched in Google.

I use this tool only for traffic value because it shows the competition and CPC data for ads bid.

7. Write Quality Content

Write Quality Content

In the field of blogging, you must have heard a saying that “Content is king”. You should always write quality content for your blog. Because quality content is liked by both search engines and visitors.

To write quality content, you must first understand the intent of the targeted keyword. You can write quality content according to the keyword’s intent.

For example, if you want to write about “3 Type of Pizza Recipe”, then tell us about pizza and also about the items used in making pizza.

While writing the article on pizza recipes, you should also tell about the benefits and disadvantages of pizza. You can write excellent quality content by covering all these topics.

8. Do Proper SEO


After writing the quality content, you must do SEO of the said article. By doing better SEO, you can easily rank your article in the top ranking of search engines.

SEO is done in 2 ways. (1) On-Page SEO (2) Off-Page SEO

On-page SEO is often done within the article. In On-Page SEO, the article is optimized according to the targeted keyword. Yoast SEO plugin helps in on-page SEO.

Off-Page SEO is done entirely in the backend of the website. Off-Page SEO plays an important role in ranking articles. If you spy on your computer and do more powerful SEO than that, then you will be able to easily beat the said computer.


Hope you have found the answer to your question and you will have understood that How to Start a Food Blog | Read all these steps carefully and follow them.

You must have understood by reading this article how to start a successful food blog. A Food Blog is a profitable niche.

If you also like to Food, then you can start a Food blog in a better way. A good blogger is said to be the one who guides his reader better.

I hope you start your own Food blog. If you have any questions, then you can ask in the comment box.

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