How To Start A Sports Blog & Make Money (in 2020)

How To Start A sports Blog
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Do you want to start a successful sports blog and you want to know how to start a sports blog? So in this post, I will guide you step-by-step about starting a sports blog.

Why Start a Sports Blog?

The biggest reason to start a sports blog because today some sports are played in every country in the world. The number of people who like sports is quite high, people also like watching sports and playing.

The field of sports is quite large, some sports match is played every day.

Think about yourself whether you also like a sports game. I claim that there will definitely be 1 sports game that you will be excited to play and watch.

A sports blog is a great option that you can write a post on the topic related to sports.

How it’s Profitable?

The sports blog is the best profitable niche because you can get good traffic by covering every topic which you can convert to your affiliate conversion.

There are many such affiliate platforms for sports blogs, by which you can make good money.

The affiliate program is my best-earning method because if you target the targeted audience, you can earn good money even in low traffic.

Apart from the suggestions of the product, you can earn money by targeting the audience for the coaching center as well from the sports blog.

If you want to earn through AdSense in the blog, then this niche is very profitable because you can earn good money by targeting keywords of good CPC.

How to Start a Sports Blog?

You can start a sports blog by following the steps given below.

But keep in mind that to start a profitable blog, after reading the steps below carefully and understand the process, start the blog.

I am saying this because Profitable Blog is called that which was started on a blueprint from the very beginning.

Let’s see –

1. Choose a Micro-Niche

The sports category is a very big category. It includes many sports like football, volleyball, hockey, tennis, cricket, etc. which we term as sports.

I believe that it is necessary to choose a niche before starting any blog because the blog should be started on the basis of one particular category.

It is also necessary to choose a micro-niche for a sports blog. Because if you cover every sport in your blog, then it will be a bit difficult.

Yes, if you want to manage your blog with the team, then you can cover all categories of sports.

Now the question is, how to choose Micro-Niche?

There are 3 ways to choose a micro-niche blog,

  • Passionate Niche.
  • Profitable Niche
  • Passionate Cum Profitable Niche

Passionate Niche – Many bloggers choose a topic for blogging as they like, if someone likes to play tennis or likes, then they start writing blogs on tennis topics.

The advantage of writing a blog on Passionate Niche is that you will not have any problem in writing blog posts because you will find every topic favorite.

Profitable Niche – There are some micro-niche topics that are not your favorite but those topics are definitely profitable.

You can earn a good amount of money by covering a profitable micro-niche, but due to not having a niche niche niche, the topic is not interested.

Passionate Cum Profitable Niche – A micro-niche blog topic that interests you and is profitable. You can not only earn good money by covering such topics, but you will also be interested in writing blog posts.

I always like this niche because you can write a related blog post with it being profitable.

Note – If you do not find a niche that is also of interest to you and is profitable, then I suggest that you choose a profitable niche.

By choosing a profitable niche, you should start learning about that niche. After that start writing blog posts, because if your blog is profitable and you have started earning money, then your interest will be automatic.

2. Choose Domain Name

Choose a Domain Name

Just as it is mandatory to naming any work before starting, like a child is born when it is naming, similarly to start a blog, a name is required.

Before choosing a blog name, first of all, make sure that choosing the name of the blog increases the brand value of the blog. There are usually 3 types of blog names –

  • Personal Brand Name
  • Keyword Base Name
  • Unique Brand Name

Personal Brand NameMany bloggers start a blog by choosing their personal name. The advantage of a personal brand is that if you want to take your blog in the long term, then the value of personal brand increases.

Keyword Base Name If you want to make the name of your blog search engine friendly, then the name Keyword Base is a great option. For example, domain names like,, are search engine friendly.

Being search engine friendly, your blog boosts in the search engines, better in the ranking.

Unique Brand Name You must have seen many such websites whose names have no meaning, yet their names are famous and they are called unique brand names.

The unique brand name has the advantage that your blog is known by a different name, which has no meaning but the name is completely unique. Such as – Authority websites like Google, PUMA, Adidas, Yahoo, etc.

3. Buy Domain

After selecting the domain name, it is mandatory to do it with the right service provider. The correct service provider means that the services of the domain are such as contact support, domain hosting support, domain renewal support, etc. which are provided only by the Valuable Domain Service Provider.

I will recommend you GoDaddy to buy a domain because GoDaddy service is very good. You can book a .com domain for less than $ 10 for 1 year from Godaddy.

Try GoDaddy

4. Buy Web Hosting

Buy Hosting Account

If someone asks me who needs the most attention to make a blog/website, then I would say that more attention should be paid to hosting.

Host your blog with the best hosting that can maintain your blog 24X7.

Hosting not only hosts your blog but also increases the loading speed of your blog.

If you choose bad hosting, then in spite of your blog being better, useless hosting will make your blog a waste. Because a lot depends on the hosting.

I will recommend the hosting of Bluehost as Bluehost provides you with hosting for $ 2.75 per month. Bluehost manages your website 24×7 and improves the speed performance of your blog.

Try Bluehost

4. Install WordPress

Buy Hosting Account

After purchasing the domain and hosting, you need a CMS application to operate the blog. WordPress is a free CMS application that is very popular and great.

With WordPress, you can easily manage your blog. If you do not have knowledge of coding, you can still create and manage your blog professionally with WordPress.

The best WordPress themes and plugins help you design your website/blog professionally.

26% of websites on the Internet are operated by WordPress. This data shows that people have more trust in WordPress.

Install WordPress

5. Install Best WordPress Theme for Sports Blog

Best WordPress Theme

Themes have contributed a lot to give the blog a great design and style. Themes also contribute significantly to making the blog responsive.

Before choosing a WordPress theme, you should decide which topic you want to work on. And from which device do your users mostly visit the blog?

Themes are chosen according to different niche because all niche blogs have different interfaces.

The interface and structure of sports blogs are completely different. If you cover topics like match schedule, match live score, player profile, team profile, etc. in sports blog, the interface is completely different for them.

For Sports Blog, you can use Free and Paid WordPress Theme.

If your budget is low, then you can design your blog with the free theme of WordPress.

Free WordPress Theme has some limitations but if you want to create a normal blog then Free WordPress Theme is a better option.

Paid WordPress themes are available with many great features. You can create a professional blog with a paid theme.

Best Free Sports WordPress Theme

Best Paid Sports WordPress Theme

  • Splash – WordPress Sports Theme for Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Baseball Clubs. – Buy Now
  • Real Soccer – Sports Clubs Responsive WP Theme. – Buy Now
  • Sport – WordPress Club Theme. Buy Now
  • Astra Paid. – Buy Now

6. Install Plugins For Sports Blog

Best WordPress Plugins

After installing Sports Blog Responsive Theme you need to install some important plugins for Sports Blog.

WordPress Plugins are an essential part of updating our blog’s best features.

Some important plugins are required to update the sports blog.

Akismet Plugin – Akismet plugin helps to protect against spam and malware on your blog. Akismet plugin is available with free and paid plans.

Try Akismet

Elementor Pro Elementor is the best editor for designing blog posts and pages. Elementor is also available in free and paid versions. (Buy)

WP RocketWP Rocket helps increase your blog speed, plus it reduces the weight of your blog by removing your unwanted files. (Buy)

WP Rocket Plugin is available in the paid version. I recommend you to purchase this plugin.

SportspressSportspress is a great WordPress plugin for sports blogs. It is specially designed for sports blogs. This plugin is completely free. (Download)

Yoast SEO Yoast SEO is a great famous plugin that helps optimize SEO for your posts and pages. With Yoast SEO you can optimize your article on-page SEO. Yoast optimizes your article by keyword and readability. Yoast SEO is available in the free and paid version. (Download & Buy)

There are many other WordPress plugins that you can install as needed.

7. Keyword Research (High CPC with Low Competition)

Keyword Research

I believe that behind a successful blog there is a big role in its keywords. Keyword research is a technique. If you have learned to do profitable keyword research for any niche, then understand that your blog has climbed the success ladder.

The profitable keyword is said to be a keyword of high search volume and high CPC with low competition.

To do keyword research, I will adjust the 3 tools for you. Of which 2 tools are paid and 1 tool is completely free.

SEMRUSHSemrush is the best keyword research tool, it is not only a keyword research tool but a complete SEO tool that can be done with keyword research like computer analysis, website audit.

This is my favorite keyword research tool. With this tool, you can check the keyword’s search volume, trend, keyword default, etc.

SEMRUSH is a paid tool that you can sign up for a free trial for 14 days.

Try Semrush

Keyword Revealer Keyword revealer is my second favorite keyword research tool. This tool analyzes the keywords you have searched for.

This tool I use to perform a default analysis of keywords. It does a short analysis of the articles of the website ranking the top 10 of the searched keywords, Word Count, DA & PA, Backlink, etc.

A keyword revealer is also a paid tool, but make sure that the money invested in this tool is recovered.

   Try Keyword Revealer

Google Keyword Planner This is Google’s free keyword research tool. Through this tool, you give an accurate report on the search volume of keywords to be searched in the Google search engine.

I use this tool only to find the search volume of keywords.


8. Write Quality Content

Write Quality Content

You must have heard that “Content is King” Yes! The most important part of your blog, if anything, is the content. The search engine always likes quality content.

Quality content is said to optimize content according to the keyword’s intent. Before you write the content, you must understand the search intent of the keyword.

For example, if you are writing about the Best Football Ground, then all the football grounds in the world must cover topics like their match history result, ground capacity, ground length, etc. in your article.

If your content is strong, then Google will help to rank your article.

9. Do On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO


SEO is an essential part of every article. In spite of writing quality content, you have to do ON-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

ON-Page SEO Your articles are optimized according to the targeted keywords. This process is done completely while writing the article.

The Yoast SEO plugin makes it easy to do ON-Page SEO for your article according to the keyword.

Off-Page SEO is always done off the website, hence it is called Off-Page.

In off-page SEO technology, we do SEO work like article backlink, social bookmarking, search engine submission, guest post, etc.

10. Promote Blog Article

Promote Blog Article

It is mandatory to promote every business and work. Because our new website and article is sent to the search engines and visitors by promotion, a new article has been posted from the said blog.

The best option to promote a blog post is – social sites. You can share your new blog post on many social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

There are 2 direct benefits of sharing on a social site. First, when you share the links of your articles on the social site, then the signal goes to the search engine, and second, when you are active on the social site, then they can visit your blog directly.

Conclusion of How to Start a Sports Blog

You must have understood by reading this article how to start a successful Sports blog. A Sports blog is a profitable niche.

If you also like Sports, then you can start a Sports blog in a better way. A good blogger is said to be the one who guides his reader better.

I hope you start your own Sports blog. If you have any questions, then you can ask in the comment box.

Start Blog With Bluehost Hosting. (Bluehost Providing you $2.25/Month Hosting).

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