How To Start A Travel Blog & Make Money (in 2020)

How To Start A Travel Blog
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Do you want to learn how to start a travel blog and how to earn money from it? If yes, then you read this post well because I will guide you step by step to starting a successful travel blog.

Today everyone wants to earn money because to live a better life it is very important to have money which we earn every month.

People work 9-5 daily like jobs, business, etc. to earn money. I feel like this clichéd work, because there is no time at all in 9-5 work, and most people are not comfortable with 9-5 work because they start work due to lack of money but do not work according to their passion Happens and many people do not get proper money.

Smart thinkers do not think about this 9-5 work. He likes to earn money through smart work while remaining independent.

Earning money online at home is much better and smart work. Because you have complete freedom in this work and good money can be earned through smart work.

To earn money online, you can earn money through a successful blog, affiliate marketing, freelancer, and other online work.

To earn money online, you can start a successful blog, affiliate marketing, freelancer, and other online work.

Why Start a Travel Blog & How is it Profitable?

Now you must be wondering why start a travel blog? The question is reasonable because I believe that before starting any work one must know about its profit and loss.

Travel blog is a very profitable niche because a large population of the world travels somewhere. Whether in his own city, whether he moves from one city to another or from one country to another.

By starting a travel blog, you can guide the traveling public. You can help those traveling by writing articles like Best Place in XXX, Best Travel Bag, Best Hotel in XXX, Best Food in XXX, Best Honeymoon Place, etc.

Travel bloggers make great money from their blogs. You can earn good money by starting a travel blog from Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, etc. in many ways.

So if you want to know How to start a travel blog then you can easily start a profitable travel blog by following all these steps.

How to Start a Travel Blog

#1 Choose a Domain Name

Choose a Domain Name

The domain is first required to start a blog. The domain name will in a way be known as the brand name of your blog.

So while choosing the domain name, keep in mind that there should be a domain that is easy to read and speak.

There are usually 3 types of domain names.

  • Personal Name
  • Keyword Base Domain Name
  • Unique Brand Domain Name

Personal Name Many bloggers choose the domain name in their name because people want to present the blog as a personal brand.

A personal brand has the advantage that your own authority grows and people trust the product/service you recommend.

Keyword Base Domain Name The keyword base domain has the advantage that it has a direct impact on the SEO of your website.

The search engine’s crawl is based on your domain name to understand which niche your blog is based on, which helps in ranking.

If you want to scale up your blog in the search engines, then the choice of Keyword Base Domain is a better option.

Unique Brand Name Many bloggers use unique names in their domain. Although the unique name has no meaning, it is said to be in a different brand.

The unique name has its own distinct advantage as your blog name will be displayed completely different and you can brand your blog with the same unique name.

#2 How to Buy a Domain

Buying a domain is a very easy task, you can easily book a domain by visiting the website of any domain service provider.

But it becomes a bit difficult to choose which service provider provides the best domain service because there are thousands of service providers available on the Internet.

I recommend you GoDaddy for buying domains. Because Godaddy provides domain service for just $ 5 a year.

Try GoDaddy

#3 Buy a Best Hosting

Buy Hosting Account

After purchasing the domain you will need a hosting account. A hosting that can manage the load of the traffic of your blog and manage your blog 24X7 without any interruptions for your reader.

Choosing better hosting is a very important task. Because hosting manages your blog perfectly. If you have chosen a bad hosting by mistake, then your blog will start to have a lot of flaws. Your blog will stop working in low traffic.

I would recommend you to the Best Hosting Company Bluehost. Bluehost easily manages your blog and improves the speed performance of the blog.

Bluehost provides you with hosting for 2.75 $ per month (65% Discount). With this plan, Bluehost provides you a free domain for a year.

Try Bluehost

#4 Start Blog With WordPress

Buy Hosting Account

WordPress is a free CMS (Content Management System) application that helps you run a better blog/website.

The function of WordPress helps in creating the structure of the blog easily. If you do not have any knowledge of coding, you can also create a professional blog.

To create a travel blog using WordPress first download the Best WordPress Theme for Travel Blog and the important WordPress plugin.

Try WordPress

#5 Choose a WordPress Theme For Travel Blog 

Best WordPress Theme

To create a travel blog it is necessary to choose a Best WordPress Theme. Best Theme is the one that gives a better structure to your blog and can create a search engine friendly blog template.

The blog is called Search Engine Friendly and User Friendly which is fast speed loading. Installing better themes is essential for fast loading.

I recommend you Trawell Travel Blog which is specially designed for travel blog. You can buy Trawell Theme from Themeforest with a lifetime update for $ 69.

Try Trawell Theme

#6 Install Important WordPress Plugin

Best WordPress Plugins

After applying the theme, we need some plugin to manage the WordPress blog. Let us see what plugins will be required for the travel blog.

  • Yoast SEO – Yoast SEO is a powerful SEO plugin. This SEO Plugin helps in ranking your blog posts in search engines. Yoast SEO helps optimize your posts in terms of ON-PAGE SEO.
  • Shortcodes Ultimate – These plugins provide some great shortcodes in your post editor which improves your article. This plugin is my favorite because I write a great article in my editor with this plugin.
  • Akismet Anti-Spam – When you start a blog and publish a new post on it, then a lot of spam comments get automatically in your comment box. There are spam links in that spam comment which when clicked can be harmful to your blog. Akismet Anti – Spam Plugin protects the blog from spam comments coming to your blog.
  • HTML5 Maps – The most important thing in a travel blog is to show the location of the country and city based on the map. HTML5 MAPS is a FREE PLUGIN that makes map integration easy in your blog.

Apart from these, there are many plugins that are automatically installed when starting a blog.

#7 Find A Profitable Keyword

Keyword Research

Keywords are needed to take your blog to a better place. Search Engine’s bots identify the intense of your article through keywords.

You should always keep in mind that the topic on which you are writing the article must research the main keywords of this topic. After doing keyword research, you can search for a high volume keyword.

A good keyword is said to have a good search volume, high CPC, and low keyword difficulty.

You can use the Semrush tool to do keyword research. Semrush is a very popular and excellent Keyword Research Tool.

Semrush offers you the service of 7 DAY Free Trial. (You can take advantage of the offer by clicking on this link.)

Try Semrush

#8 Write Quality Content.

Write Quality Content

Writing quality and unique articles is an art. Travel bloggers provide content to their readers which makes the reader feel that the writer is always talking about the guide.

You should always prepare your article according to the intent of the keyword. For example, if you want to write about Best Places, then in your article about that place, you should tell about what is famous in that place and where you can roam.

It should cover all the above topics and guide them. You should tell your reader what the weather is like in the place where he is going to travel, who should take the necessary things on the journey and travel with him.

You can also generate a commission by recommending the above items in your article through an affiliate link.

#9 Do Good SEO for Your Article.


After writing the quality article it is mandatory to do SEO because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) boosts our article in search engine ranking.

SEO is done in 2 ways.

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

ON-PAGE SEO On-page SEO is mandatory for every article because with On-Page SEO you can optimize your article according to the target keyword. When On-Page SEO does better, target keywords get a boost in ranking. On-page SEO becomes mandatory through WordPress SEO plugins.

Off-Page SEO After doing well on-page SEO of the article, it is also necessary to do SEO in Backend which is done away from the website. On-page SEO, SEO optimization has to be done within the website and article itself. But the work of Off-Page SEO is done away from the website. In off-page SEO, techniques like making backlink, social sharing, social bookmarking, etc. have to be done. By doing OFF-PAGE SEO, the authority of your domain increases, as well as your article, easily helps to rank in search engines.

#10 Promote Your Blog Post.

Promote Blog Article

When you start a business, promotion is necessary for sale and business engagement. It is necessary to promote blog posts in the same way.

The best option to promote a blog post is to share the blog post on the social site. When you share your article on a social site, search engines receive signals that work in the ranking factor.

The number of users on the social site is quite high. When you share in the group section of a personal social site, the user visits your blog directly.

On social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, etc., there is a community of travelers who can send traffic to your blog by sharing a link to the article.

Conclusion about Start a Travel Blog

You must have understood by reading this article how to start a travel blog. A travel blog is a profitable niche.

If you also like to travel, then you can start a travel blog in a better way. A good blogger is said to be the one who guides his reader better.

I hope you start your own travel blog. If you have any questions, then you can ask in the comment box.

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