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Thatstamil: Today’s trend of news is so much that news agencies want to cover every minor incident. Daily millions of incidents happen in India and other countries. In view of the increasing news, hundreds of daily news agencies start.


I am going to tell you about such a news agency which is based only on the website and app. I am talking about OneIndia which is a very famous website and update news in many languages.

Thatstamil Overview 

I am going to talk about Oneindia Tamil which is also known as Thatstamil. Thatstamil has the highest viewership in the state of Tamil Nadu as the Tamil language is the most spoken language in Tamil Nadu. Thatstamil tries to cover its news at the local level. OneIndia Thatstamil is quite famous about his great news article, updating news like political, sports, entertainment, movie reviews, etc.|

Thatstamil Political News

Talking about political news, local politics news is given more attention, because due to having a web portal in the Tamil language, the local news of Tamil Nadu gives more importance. It is not that only local news is given preference. National and international political news is also updated so that people who read the Tamil language can also read the news of foreign countries, besides local news.

Thatstamil Sports News

If I talk about sports news, then all news related to sports covers news related to sports. Whatever his sports reporter is, he writes great articles. Thatstamil sports covers sports like cricket, football, hockey, etc. National, international and local sports-related cover all news.

Thatstamil Movie Review

What I like most about Thatstamil is reviewing movies. Hollywood, Bollywood, and Telugu review Tamil language movies in the Tamil language on this website. On this website, we update the reviews before the movie releases and the reviews made by the viewers after release.

Oneindia’s 8 language website

OneIndia posts news in 8 languages ​​and works on different subdomains of all languages. Let’s see which is the 8 languages ​​-

OneIndia English



This is the main website of Oneindia. This website updates political, entertainment, sports, national and international news for English readers. About 3 crore people visit the website every month.

OneIndia Hindi

OneIndia Hindi

There is more number of people studying Hindi in India. That’s why OneIndia also uploads the content in Hindi for its Hindi readers on its website. On that Hindi website, we update news of categories like political, breaking news, sports, etc. About 6 lakh people read every month on this website.

OneIndia Gujrati

OneIndia Gujrati

Talking about the Gujarati language, you must know that the Gujarati language is spoken in Gujarat or spoken by people of Gujarat who live in other cities. All types of news are published on OneIndia Gujrati.

OneIndia Bengali 

OneIndia Bengali

OneIndia wants to spread its news to people of every language, hence it posts its news in every language. OneIndia publishes news for those who like the Bengali language. It provides news like breaking news, latest news, etc. in the Bengali language.

OneIndia Kannad

OneIndia Kannad


There are more newsreaders in the Kannada language. This can be gauged from the fact that an increasing number of other websites in the Kannada language. OneIndia also provides news to Kannada viewers through OneIndia Kannad.

OneIndia provides news in three more languages. (6). OneIndia Malayalam, (7). OneIndia Telugu (8). OneIndia Tamil (Thatstamil)

Thatstamil Alternative 

Apart from Thatstamil, there are some news agencies that can read the news in the Tamil language. I am going to tell you about some websites that post political, sports, breaking news, and other news in the Tamil language.

BBC Tamil


The world’s most famous news agency BBC publishes news in many languages ​​in India. BBC Tamil also publishes breaking news, latest news, political news, movie reviews and sports news in the Tamil language on its portal like ThatsTamil.



Maalaimalar is a well known Tamil language news website that publishes newspapers along with the website. Maalaimalar also posts news related to breaking news, latest news, political news, movie reviews and sports news in the Tamil language.

NDTV Tamil


NDTV is the most popular news agency in India which runs a TV channel along with the website. If we talk about the website, NDTV uses different categories for different domains. NDTV also uses a separate domain for its Tamil viewers, where it publishes news such as Political, Sport, etc. in the Tamil language.

News 18 Tamil


News channels provide news on their websites and apps along with their TV. news 18 News is published in English, Hindi, Urdu and other languages. News 18 provides news in the Tamil language for Tamil language viewers.

Final Word 

Oneindia is a very big news agency, which is a very popular and read news agency. You must have understood about Thatstamil from our article.

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